FREE Community Seminars!

ATA is hosting 4 free open seminars on Friday evenings to prepare for “Bully Prevention Month” in October. Click the “FREE Community Seminars!” title of this post to sign up. Attend all or one of these seminars for bully prevention tips that will help you and your child prevent bullying in our schools and community.

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Two Rivers Battle Results

The Stampede Feed is back! Did you miss us? Another great weekend for our tournament goers! We definitely had a crowd at our Two Rivers Battle Tournament this past weekend. Many competitors came and went with pride on their faces. We have definitely seen tons of hardware brought back to our schools! Here is the […]

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3 Safety Tips Your Child Will Learn In A Karate School

ATA Martial Arts offers three safety tips that your child will learn in this Manchester, MO karate school. Through the “Karate For Kids Life Skills System”, a special program, kids learn how to be safe. Manchester, MO Karate ATA Martial Arts is a top notch martial arts training facility. Our martial arts school is located [...]

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